Connecting people with a passion for technology to delivery great software solutions

Our valueS

Passion, drive, honesty, openness, respect, equality, and care.


We bring in knowledge and experience of the latest technologies to build great software solutions to unburden our customers in their daily tasks, and make their business thrive.


Keleos aims for customer's success, because then we will be able to invest in the knowledge and strengths of our people. To create the best working place with equal growth for each of our people.

Passioned People
make the difference !

One thing we guarantee, our people are passionate about using technology to make our customer’s life easier.

We therefore invest in our people’s knowledge, through trainings and workshops and sharing our experiences.  Experiences we bring to our customers to add value to their teams and deliver great software solutions.

We create an amical atmosphere and a fine working place, where work and fun lead to happiness. 

We make sure everyone has equal growth opportunities and we stimulate initiative and entrepreneurship.

Working at Keleos

Open Positions

We are looking for well-motivated, passioned, colleagues who understand that the satisfaction and success of our customers is our commitment and the bases for our personal and company growth.

Scrum Master

Agility has no secrets for you? You have the communications skills to persuade customers to go Agile and coach your teams to master it? You’ll probably be our Scrum leader!

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