IntelliJ Super Productivity in 45 minutes @Devoxx2023

Heinz Kabutz gave an inspiring talk at Devoxx 2023 in which he shared the secrets to maximizing your productivity in IntelliJ IDEA. We’ll take a detailed look at some of the revolutionary tips and techniques he presented.

Search Everywhere

One of the most notable aspects of Heinz’s presentation was the emphasis on “Search Everywhere”. He demonstrated how you can swiftly navigate through your projects and access files, classes, actions, and even settings, thanks to this feature of IntelliJ. It saves developers precious time and eliminates the frustration of manual searching. A simple shortcut combination by pressing shift twice is all you need to stay efficient.

Work Faster and Smarter

Heinz stressed the importance of mastering essential shortcuts, such as navigating through your code, refactoring, and debugging. These shortcuts allow developers to switch quickly between different tasks, increasing productivity. Additionally, he explained “Column Editing,” which allows you to edit multiple lines of code at once. This is a game-changer for making consistent changes in your code.

Live Templates, Extract Methods, and the power of the Analyzer

Heinz shared his insights into using “Live Templates” and “Extract Methods” to accelerate code production. These tools enable developers to create reusable code blocks and break down complex pieces of code into separate methods. He also emphasized the importance of IntelliJ’s “Analyzer”, which provides in-depth analysis to identify potential issues in the code before they become problems. This can help ensure code quality and easy maintenance.

But that’s not all! Heinz revealed even more aspects of IntelliJ that can boost your productivity. If you’re intrigued and want to watch the full talk, you can do so through this link. His presentation offers a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for anyone serious about software development in IntelliJ IDEA.